Joanna Rigoli

Joanna Rigoli

Co-Founder & Director of Mental Well-Being Services


Joanna is Director of Mental Wellbeing services and co-founder of Stonebridge Prep. She has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 25 years. She started her private psychotherapy practice in New York City in 1997. The majority of her practice has always consisted of high school and college students where she has assisted thousands of students enter into college and manage the transition into adulthood. In addition, she has mentored many students as they entered or studied at Ivy League colleges and other esteemed universities, giving her an even greater understanding of the academic rigor and comprehensive dedication required to gain acceptance into these notable institutions.

With the direct knowledge gained with her clients, as well as with her own child, she has seen the effects college preparation, the application process and the eventual transition into college has on a student. She no longer wanted to be a spectator to this grueling endeavor and decided to launch Stonebridge Prep to help alleviate the stress involved in the college application process.

Joanna’s specialty is assisting her clients to improve time management and organization, increase motivation, decrease procrastination, manage stress, build self-worth and develop an overall positive mental wellbeing. Her years of experience and know-how allow her to offer unique and specific techniques to improve the overall performance of her clients. She is warm and engaging, making her easily approachable. Her clients describe her as a “straight shooter” and find her insights impactful.

Joanna has a love of pets, yoga, reading autobiographies and listening to podcasts. (Joanna Rigoli is a licensed clinical social worker, who provides coaching services enhancing normal functioning and not acting as a healthcare professional assessing and treating pathology)