Jerry Briggs

Jerry Briggs



Jerry is President and Chief Executive Officer of Stonebridge Prep. He is responsible for national operations and leading the highly talented and vested team of Stonebridge Prep.

Through coaching, mentoring and assisting countless youth through the years, Jerry saw the pressure involved with the college admission process and developed a desire to decrease the stress college applicants face when beginning the transition into adulthood. Utilizing this passion for guiding youth, he co-founded Stonebridge Prep. He knows firsthand how the academic and career pursuits of a young person are a family-systems matter and wanted to create an organization that takes the entire person and family into consideration. He knows college counseling is not just about an application, but it is about the whole person, the journey beyond college and the life pursuit.

For more than 20 years, Jerry has been involved in information technology providing Fortune 500 companies with products and services to grow and maintain their enterprise infrastructure. In this field, he honed his natural instincts of how to bring the right people together to create a highly effective team. He has used this skill to bring together the bright and innovative team of Stonebridge Prep.

Jerry has also served in the United States military where he developed a strong work ethic, along with his skill set of time management and clear leadership.

Jerry has many hobbies that include boating, snowmobiling, restoring his 1967 Mustang and most of all throwing the football in the backyard with his son.