Dr. David Layman

Dr. David Layman

Assistant Professor


Dr. David Layman is a board certified neuropsychologist, as well as an executive and academic coach. Dr. Layman has taught at several academic institutions including New York University, University of Kentucky, City University of New York and Mount Sinai Medical School. In his private practice and his professional coaching services, Dr. Layman works with teens, adults, families, teams, professional athletes, corporate executives and entertainment performers to help them maximize performance and achieve their highest goals. He is also an expert on trauma and brain injury, conducting assessments and educating triers of fact in civil litigation.

Dr. Layman has eagerly joined the Stonebridge Prep team as a Mental Wellbeing Coach because he wholeheartedly believes in the mental wellbeing aspect of academic and career planning as the key to the success for any young person’s schooling, motivation, and their sense of efficacy and achievement. Dr. Layman’s coaching style integrates all aspects of the person utilizing a brain-based and social dynamic approach to assist his clients in their success. He uses his knowledge and inquisitive nature to provide well-informed feedback, while still being laid back and approachable. When speaking with Dr. Layman, it is clear he is an expert.

When not working, Dr. Layman enjoys spending time with his family, playing folk music, traveling the globe, and sampling unusual cuisine in unknown eateries. (Dr. Layman is a licensed psychologist who provides coaching services enhancing normal functioning and not acting as a healthcare professional assessing and treating pathology)