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Mental Well-Being Coaching

Here’s what we know: the drive to do it all; be the perfect student, the perfect athlete, the perfect community citizen, all in hopes of being admitted into a dream school leads to stress, overwhelm, and feelings of not being good enough. And year after year, we see students feel bogged down by the number of competing priorities they are pressed to manage.

We knew there had to be a better way to approach high school and the college admissions process, arguably one of the most stressful times in a student’s life. When we couldn’t find one, we created Stonebridge Prep.

According to a study completed by the Pew Research Center, “anxiety and depression are on the rise among America’s youth.”

75% of high schoolers describe themselves as “often or always feeling stressed about schoolwork.”

And 66% report “often or always worried about being accepted in their chosen college.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mental well-being coaching? And, why is it important?

When you look at other college readiness programs, they typically talk about the conventional things that are important for college admissions: test scores, excelling in extracurriculars, college applications, essay writing, etc. But how often do they talk about the importance of mental well-being?

Our goal at Stonebridge Prep is to create a positive mindset and help students develop effective habits so that they can produce competitive and strategic applications with minimal stressors getting in the way; to make the college application process less of an undertaking and more of an endeavor.

By working with a mental well-being coach, our students will develop the necessary skills to adapt to challenging situations, persist through procrastination and learn self-awareness skills that will take them through the application process and continue to serve them during college and in their adult years.



How is it a part of the Stonebridge Prep experience?

When you sign up for college consulting services, you will also receive four sessions with one of our mental well-being coaches, who are all mental health experts with decades of experience. In those meetings, we can help you identify goals, any potential obstacles to those goals and methods to attaining them. We will work on things like motivation, decision making, overall stress management and any other issues that may arise in the process.

The beauty of it is, we are not a mill, our services are tailored to you and your needs. You can take advantage of these services at any point in your journey and can always add on more.

Who are the mental well-being professionals?

Our experts are just that, experts! Our team of mental well-being coaches are all licensed mental health professionals, each working in the field for decades. Individually, they have helped thousands of young people pursue their goals of getting into their dream schools, manage the stress of not just the application process, but the overall process of entering into young adulthood.

We are invested in your wellbeing; your joy is our joy, we thrive off of you thriving.

Who participates in the mental well-being coaching? Can parents or siblings be involved?

We know that no child is an island; the academic and career pursuits of a young person are a family-systems matter. Therefore, we created an organization that takes the entire person and family into consideration. Our mental well-being coaches are not only available to the student, but to the parents, caregivers and siblings of the student as well. When a student is on the journey into college, we understand it affects the culture of the entire family. Parents may become empty nesters, or may be having their first born leave the house for the first time. Siblings also have to adjust to the shifting of family dynamics in the household. We are here for everyone. We can offer support and guidance for everyone in the light of the new family dynamics.

College counseling is not just about an application, but it is about the whole person, the journey beyond college and the life pursuit. We are advancing the field of college consulting by focusing on the whole person, family system and mental well-being.

Stonebridge Prep Mental Well-Being

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