Ivy League Admissions

Stonebridge Prep and Ivy League Admissions

Stonebridge Prep excels in coaching students through the application process to selective schools. These may be the eight schools included in the Ivy League conference (Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania & Cornell University), or other similarly selective schools with intricate admissions processes and standards. All of our admissions consultants have admissions experience from highly selective schools, and have worked with hundreds of students who successfully navigated the application process and ultimately enrolled in the best school for them.

When students research and create their school lists, it is common to see selective schools end up on the top of their list, or in their Reach School category. No matter how strong a student is, these selective schools are reaches for everyone. Just think about it! With just about 24,000 high schools in the United States alone, we could assume there are 24,000 students at the top of their class. And the eight Ivy League schools only admitted about 21,000 students in 2020…less than 7% of applicants! Even if they were to admit every Valedictorian in the US, there would still be 3,000+ without a spot. We know admissions is more than academic excellence, as there are Valedictorians not admitted every year. When it comes to Ivy League and schools with highly selective admissions rates, it’s imperative to understand how admissions decisions are made and commit to submitting your strongest and most strategic application possible.

Our Admissions Formula

Academic Preparedness & Academic Rigor

Impact & Commitment Outside the Classroom

Articulated Fit Factors & Individual Stand Out Features

Our admissions formula is informed by years of admissions experience, and we work with students to excel in these three areas when it comes to completing their applications. Our goal in sharing this is to call attention to the falsehoods existing in college admissions and demonstrate how important each element of the formula is.

We look forward to being your guide as you navigate the application process to the most selective schools in the world!

“When it comes to selective college admissions, schools look for excellence in three areas: academic preparedness & rigor, excellence in involvement outside the classroom, and perhaps most importantly, articulated fit for the institution. 75% of applicants to top schools will be academically qualified, but it’s how you articulate your qualifications on the application that ultimately give you an edge in the admissions decision process. When you work with Stonebridge Prep, we ensure that your qualifications and fit are perfectly aligned with what the schools are looking for, so you stand out amongst a crowd of competitive applicants.” 

– Nicole H., College Admissions Expert

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