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College Counseling Services

When a college admissions officer reads your application, they read it start to finish in under 10 minutes. It’s imperative that your application tells a story, is easy to read, and strategically builds your candidacy throughout each section. 

Because we know the application needs to be one cohesive document, our services are designed to help you achieve just that. To begin with Stonebridge Prep, you will work with a premiere admissions expert on finalizing your school list, and choosing 3 schools to work with us on. And, you can add as many schools as you would like to your base package to ensure you submit your best work to every school on your list.

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Your Base: 3 Schools

Students enroll with us to develop strategies and complete applications to 3 of the schools on their list. You will be able to finalize your  school list before selecting which 3 schools we will focus on.



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School Add-On

If you would like our guidance and support on more than 3 schools, you can easily add more schools a’la carte to your journey with us! Each school you add will receive the same comprehensive support.



Hourly Options

Our hourly option allows you the opportunity to focus on specific areas that you would like to target, whether it be with an admissions consultant or a well-being coach. The hourly services start with a 2-hour block.



What's Included?


Getting Started

Welcome aboard! Once enrolled, you will have gained a most valuable asset in your academic journey; the vested support of Stonebridge Prep! Our first goal is to establish meaningful relationships. You will connect 1:1 with your assigned admission consultant, as well as one of our well-being experts. A plan for working together seamlessly will be established. From the beginning, we are committed to ensuring you feel included, and know what to expect every step of the journey.


Develop & Finalize Your Personalized School List

We work with each family through detailed assessments, research, and discussions to develop and finalize a balanced school list that reflects the student’s interests and goals. Some students may enroll already knowing which schools they’ll be applying to, and we welcome that too! Our conversations and insights will be critical to developing strategic application narratives, positioning you for the best possible outcome.


Map your Application Strategy

With decades of expert admissions experience, we know the strongest applications have a clear application strategy. Work with your admissions consultant to outline your fit for the schools on your list, how to best position yourself and create a strategy for articulating fit throughout the application. Using the activity list, personal statement, supplemental essay questions and optional sections, we will ensure you submit the strongest applications possible.


Perfect your Narratives

You will work with your admissions consultant to craft responses to questions in the activity list section, personal statement, supplemental essays and additional comments sections of the application. A highly critical component to the process, we will work with you to help you stand out as an applicant, and be your best self on paper. In the end, you will submit highly tuned and tailored applications to each school on your list.


On-Going Support

Students with Stonebridge Prep will also receive support and preparation for admissions interviews. Before the admissions interviews, our students will understand the role of the interview in the admissions process, what to expect, and how to talk authentically in an interview setting. As an add-on service, Stonebridge Prep students have access to a financial aid expert who can review your completed financial aid applications.


Admissions Decisions & Beyond

When admissions decisions are made, we will still be there. In fact, we will be celebrating right alongside you! We can assist in evaluating financial award letters, negotiating financial aid offers and ultimately deciding where to enroll. We will be there to ensure your transition to college is smooth, offering mental well-being resources and tools to utilize throughout your college journey and these exciting changes. 


Mental Well-Being Services

The first step to doing anything correctly is doing it with a clear mind. That is why in addition to college consulting services, we also integrate mental well-being services. Included in your 3 school package is a one hour intake session with one of our mental well-being coaches, as well as 3 additional hours of mental well-being services to be used as you wish. These meetings are customized to you and your needs. We will identify areas to focus on to help you become your best self and put your best self forward. Areas frequently concentrated on are; time management, procrastination, motivation, ambivalence, decision making, goal setting, intentions and overall stress management of competing priorities. For more information on our mental well-being services please see our mental well-being services page.


Family Support

When a child goes off to college it affects the whole family.  With this in mind, included in the initial package is also a one hour coaching session for any of the other family members. How are the other family members going to adjust to the shift in family dynamics? Is there a parent at home that now has to find their own interests again after decades of devoting themselves to parenting? Is there a sibling at home that has to adjust to becoming the star of the show with their sibling away from home? Do you as a parent just want to discuss your concerns for how your child is approaching the college application process or how they are going to adjust to independence and college living? After the initial meeting, if you would like to add on more sessions, we are of course happy to accommodate you. 

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